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In 2006, the Musicbox Oxana in Meerbusch Büderich opened its doors and started an exciting musical journey.

Since day one, we have offered an inspiring learning environment for music enthusiasts of all ages, from the youngest from three years old to old age, with a variety of instruments and qualified lessons.

A successful collaboration with the International School on the Rhine (ISR) in Neuss began in 2014. This partnership made it possible to provide ISR learners with world-class music education.

In 2020, Musicbox Oxana successfully introduced early musical education in the ISR kindergarten in Düsseldorf Niederkassel.

In 2022, another branch was opened in the ISR kindergarten in Meerbusch Büderich.

Our goal is to offer even the youngest music enthusiasts the chance to explore the world of music in a playful way and to develop their creative and cognitive skills at an early stage.

We are proud of our dedicated team of highly qualified lecturers who bring their passion and expertise to support each student individually.

Our numerous awards in various competitions represent the commitment and achievements of our lecturers and learners as well as the support from their families.

We invite all music enthusiasts to become part of our musical community and ignite a lifelong passion for music.

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